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Where to Start When Looking for a Weekender Bag for Men

t seems like the dimensions for luggage that qualifies as a carry-on change every day. What if I told you I had an easy solution for you? Whether travelling for business or pleasure, a weekender bag for men is the perfect travel companion no matter where you go. Do I have your attention? Do you want to know more? Let's get serious. Where to Start When Looking for a Weekender Bag for Men You might hear weekender and your first thought is a messenger bag or 'purse' for our US friends. Not so fast, my friend. A weekender is a bag that...

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Do You Know Your Bags? 8 Types of Bags All Men Should Know About


Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t be organized and prepared. In fact, just the opposite. If you use the same bag for work, travel, and leisure it is time for an upgrade. It comes down to convenience and aesthetic. If you are like most other men, convenience and function take priority over fashion. And that logic is fool-proof–until you look out-of-place at a black tie event with your hiking pack. The best way to marry function with fashion and convenience is to expand your fashion toolbox. Using the wrong bag for the event is like using the...

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Leather Lingo: Our Guide to Different Leather Types

Understand leather, its names and grades.

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What is Saffiano Leather? Read our guide.

I have seen a few cases made from Saffiano Leather. What is this?  Here at Made in Tuscany, you will find our collections hiding a few Saffiano leather bags and briefcases, such as The 'Prato', a gorgeous Saffiano leather laptop case, pictured below. Saffiano makes for very elegant leather bags. Its key feature is how durable it is, with a beautiful finish.  The finish is a cross-hatch pattern, pressed onto a wax coating making, it water resistant and durable.  Saffiano Leather first came from Italy's most famous tanneries, and the first design house to use this exclusive leather was none other than...

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How to look after your lovely leather bag

Treating your lovely new leather bag as an investment, and not just an accessory (albeit a very nice one!).Your leather bag may be an accessory, but it's not just any accessory, it's also an investment. Like all other investments it needs some care and attention from time to time to stay in good shape.To give your leather bag some TLC we recommend you wipe down your bag with a damp cloth once a week and give your bag a decent clean and conditioning every 3-4 months.When storing your bag (particularly handbags!) for a period of time it's always a good idea...

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