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All About Leather Holdalls

A rugged Italian leather holdall or weekend bag is more than 'just a holdall' - there's a luxurious image associated with traveling with a leather holdall instead of a synthetic 'sports bag' or even cabin case.

Built for life, these holdalls are enriched with memories of past travels, and wear and develop their vintage look over time. 

They become the answer to a world obsessed with throwing things away. Even some leather holdalls in highstreet stores will only last a year or two. 

Sublime, yet tough, our leather holdalls are ideal as leather weekend bags for short trips or for airline cabins. A Made in Tuscany leather duffle bag is going to be a travel companion for life. Our collection comprises unisex leather holdalls, and mens leather holdalls. 

We see them not as just carting your stuff about- but they become a part of the journey. And they see you arrive in style. Yet it's not all about looks- with our holdalls, practicality is key and you'll find that your bag has been carefully tweaked so that your ownership is as pleasant and useful as possible. 

Handmade with superior quality down to the last stitch; Leather holdalls are lighter than carry-on cases;
Extremely flexible with contents
Huge versatility; use as a cabin duffle or leather weekend bag
Incredibly hardwearing, and stays looking good for life;
Escape the ordinary with a style which never goes out of fashion


Leather holdalls are investment pieces which continue giving. We invite you to become a part of those who appreciate longevity, and who make a trip not just about the destination, but about enjoying and making memories from the journey. 


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