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'Back to School' (University, college...academia)

Back to school

What to look for in a new school or uni bag.

From students to professors, from carrying laptops to textbooks, you will be probably thinking about upgrading your bag for this new academic year.

Whether you are looking for yourself, or for someone else, I hope this small guide will be useful. 

Really, what could be better than leather to withstand the rigours of the daily use? As you will see in our '100% Made in Tuscany' page, leather will last generations and will be around long after your synthetic bag has let you down.

We suggest you look for handmade leather bags; there will be no sloppy stitching, or raw unfinished edges, but only the finest quality and attention to detail which will for sure last you for many years.

If you are considering a backpack, the most important thing is to think of how it sits on your back.  Look for a bag with adjustable straps. I have been advised that the top of the straps should sit 1 or 2 inches below your shoulders and the bottom of the bag should rest in the small of your back, never, ever go 4 inches below your waistline - ouch! I am no expert though!


It is also best to place heavier items at the back of the bag and lighter items at the front for easier carriage.

The next consideration is storage. With lots of books, pens, pencils, etc. you will want plenty of compartments with easy access. Look for a bag with more than 1 compartment as bags without sections often allow too much movement, and you don't want to hand in creased work! Satchels and briefcases do the job- and with our very strong leather handles and straps, you can lug about as much as you can carry! 

So, look for a bag where you have a place for everything even a small card holder for your bus/train ticket.

Also, if you do decide to buy your new bag from us why not personalise it for free and make it your own!

Have a happy and fruitful academic year.

Best Wishes, Teresa.

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  • Caroline Tune on

    Lovely website lovely leather lovely descriptions which oozes love for the product! X

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