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Do You Know Your Bags? 8 Types of Bags All Men Should Know About


Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t be organized and prepared. In fact, just the opposite. If you use the same bag for work, travel, and leisure it is time for an upgrade.

It comes down to convenience and aesthetic. If you are like most other men, convenience and function take priority over fashion. And that logic is fool-proof–until you look out-of-place at a black tie event with your hiking pack.

The best way to marry function with fashion and convenience is to expand your fashion toolbox. Using the wrong bag for the event is like using the wrong tool for the job. A successful man is one who uses the tools that benefit his aims.

The bag you carry influences what others think of you–just like your clothing, hairstyle, and hygiene. Your bag is another element in how you present yourself to the world. A well-prepared man garners respect from friends and colleagues.   

This article is your guide to the eight types of bags that every man needs. Learn about what makes each bag unique and useful. And, find out how the right bag reflects the quality of your character. Of course, we lean towards our timeless, Italian, Tuscany leather bags from one of the fashion capitals, Florence, and crafted by generations of artisans. 

Types of Bags for Men: From Classic to Cutting-edge

Even if your lucky-backpack is so multi-functional that it works for every event, you should not use it for every event. Sometimes a backpack is a perfect thing, and other times it makes you look like a little kid waiting for the school bus. Controlling your success means taking control of your appearance and persona.

When you have the right tools for the job you feel in control. Having a specific bag for different purposes helps you stay organized, and presents you as a well-organized individual. And, it doesn't hurt to exude some style.

In today's world, a man needs an assortment of bags to fit a variety of needs. These 8 types of bags span the realm of classic, contemporary, and cutting edge men's fashion:

1. The Classic Briefcase

The classic briefcase is a staple of the responsible, fashionable businessman. The briefcase goes well with a sharp suit and some shiny shoes. If you want to exude professionalism, sophistication and maturity carry a briefcase.

Today, a briefcase has some updated features to its original predecessors. However, the classic full-grain leather exterior remains standard. Get a briefcase that includes a phone charging port and a laptop compartment.

A briefcase is an essential staple for any professional man. Briefcases are slim, to keep you from filling them up with useless junk. They are purpose-built for organizing your business documents and looking good, at the same time.

Our Italian leather briefcases exude understated style and luxury. They're a good indicator that you're someone who values a quality product.  


2.  The Modern Messenger Bag

If your job doesn't require you to wear a suit then a briefcase might not be your everyday business bag. A modern messenger bag is lower-key than a briefcase but looks just as appropriate for the workplace. A messenger bag is perfect for college students and business-casual workplaces.

Messenger bags come in a wide range of material and design types. The most durable messenger bags use different types of leather on seams, pockets, and straps for additional strength.

Bike messenger bags feature a synthetic material, such as rip-stop nylon and adjustable velcro strap. Leather is versatile enough for dressing up or down, unlike nylon.  


3. The Timeless Backpack

A backpack has multiple uses, but none serve to dress up your outfit. That being said, there is a significant difference between a high-school backpack and an adult backpack. A backpack is perfect for casual outings to the park, shopping, and day-trips around town.

A backpack comes in handy for air travel as well. Most backpacks count as a personal item on flightsbecause they fit under the seat in front of you. Look for a backpack that features padded compartments for your laptop and electronics.

A backpack must be useful and attractive. If it looks great but works poorly, it is no good. Same goes for the opposite, if it works well but makes you look homeless.

An Italian leather backpack looks stylish and holds up well over time. Choose one that features dark, earthy colours. And, if you plan to use the backpack for travel, look for a bag with a waist strap for better back support.

4. The Smart Tote Bag

A tote bag might not be the first thing you think of for men, but it comes in handy for lots of casual occasions. Out of all the types of bags, a tote is the only one suited to handle purchased goods.

If you are bringing your own bag to the supermarket anyway, why not use a tote that exudes an air of confidence and professionalism?

The best option is to carry two different totes in your car or bag. One is a leather tote for picking up books, nicknacks, and movies. The other is a canvas tote for groceries, trips to the beach, and picnics.

5. The Carry-on Weekend Bag

Get a men's travel bag that is small enough to count as a carry-on. The carry-on travel bag gets its fair share of use if you take weekend trips with any frequency. The carry-on travel bag fits enough clothing for two or three days, as well as your other essentials.



6. The Versatile Adventure Duffle

If you are a camper, hiker, or world traveller you can’t beat a duffle bag. The duffle bag comes in a wide range of tear-resistant materials, like nylon or canvas. Nylon is great as a lightweight gym bag, whereas the canvas duffle is rugged enough to handle a trip to Mount Everest.

7. The Vacation Roller

When you are pulling your vacation luggage through busy streets in a foreign country looking for your hotel, you know why a good roller bag is vital. If you are taking a trip that is longer than a few days you need a larger bag. If you don’t want to lug your heavy canvas duffle over your shoulder, a roller is a perfect solution.

Low-quality wheels on roller suitcases break easily, and the outer material quickly tears. The leather is always the most high-quality solution to wear-and-tear. And, for business trips, a leather roller looks put-together and professional.

Whatever the aesthetic that you opt for in your roller, don’t opt for the cheap stuff. A good roller will last you for decades, whereas, a cheap one will break within the first.

8. The Essentials Dopp Kit

Finally, don’t neglect the details by using a plastic bag or ziplock to carry your toiletries. A Dopp kit is a classy, elegant bag for carrying your toothbrush, razor, and other essential toiletries.

Most Dopp bags or toiletry bags feature a pocket on each side and a large compartment in the centre. Like most other bags, they come in a wide range of material, but the best looking is–of course–leather. And, Dopp kits easily fit into a carry-on, backpack, tote, or any other bag on the list.

Final Thoughts

You would never wear running sneakers to a black-tie event because it makes you look unprofessional. The same goes for your bag. Just like your shoes, tie, suite, and hygiene–your bag helps others determine what kind of a man you are.

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