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Made in Tuscany: Our Three Main Aims

We recently tried to narrow down what our leather bags store is all about, and we boiled it down to three things. 

We have lifted this from our About Made in Tuscany page. We hope you will agree with our mission and find it interesting. 

You will now see this logo - Genuine Hand Made in Tuscany, all over our store; so with its launch, we thought it would be fitting to revisit our founding principles. 

We deliver pure-origin bags to beat big brand labels on quality and value. We recognise that bags can be unique, beautiful, cherished items which show good taste.

Since 2009, we have been working in the retail sector with high-end leather goods. It became apparent to us that these bags have a loyal following and deserved their own platform, that would concentrate 100% on this one line of 'Made in Tuscany' products. So our new store, Made in Tuscany, was born. The store is dedicated to our own grandparents, who used their hands and the traditions of their line to create long-lasting products; from our school shoes to fine linen.
We have three main aims:
1) To show the world that real, hand-crafted production is still a thing and that Tuscany is one of the best!
2) To prove that you can replace a synthetic bag with a leather one of genuine character and which will last a lifetime...without breaking the bank
3) That big brands, often from Italian design houses, can be overpriced and lack quality and that authentic, one-of-a kind feel. 
We are Made in Tuscany, a small but motivated family-run company specialising in leather goods. We believe passionately in superior quality, at a sensible price combined with excellent service to go with your purchase. With Italian roots, we're keen to support the long-standing manufacturing which has made this region renowned for quality.

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