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Tuscany. The Brand.

The 'about us' page seemed a little cramped to really express our designs for this store, so as an extension of that, this blog post is designed to tell you a little more about why we started Made in Tuscany.

We have long had a passion for authentic, pure origin goods, manufactured in traditional ways and by long-standing communities.
Such products support a way of life, and capture the spirit of an area; sending this out into the world. The quality of the products then results in prosperity for the region and local manufacturing.

We personally felt most excited about this by products made in Tuscany. For many years we have admired the bags produced in this region, and the global following they have attracted throughout the world.

No other region seems to have such a loyal following simply because of ‘where’ the products are made. ‘Tuscany’ is the brand, not a brand name.
At Made in Tuscany, we do our best to evoke the same passions we have for the region and seamlessly supply the best, most authentic examples of Tuscan Craftsmanship in the shape of leather bags, wallets, briefcases and more.

We hope you enjoy our store and become part of our Made in Tuscany community.

Teresa. Foundress. Made in Tuscany.

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