100% Made in Tuscany: Guaranteed

Only Handmade in Tuscany

Every product in our store is pure origin, and made according to the time-tested ways which have made this region synonymous around the world with uncompromising, premium quality. The majority of our products, especially Tuscany Leather bags, are manufactured in one of the world's fashion capitals, Florence (Firenze, in Italian); a city synonymous with beauty, and its beautiful leather goods. 

We have a said a firm "No! Non c'è modo!" to cheap overseas manufacture. Sure, you can get a good quality bag from the far East, but very often you're being charged more than the prices of our bags. 

Would you not rather support the local traditions which are intertwined with the whole culture of this region? It is a craft that Italians are proud of, and it is handed on from generation to generation. And those who make the products, in turn sell those same products with a sense of care and pride. 


Premium Materials. Premium craftsmanship.

Tuscany is particularly known for its leatherworking tradition and its great experience in the production of high quality leather handbags and other goods, and a significant part of the branded leather accessories (Gucci, Armani, Prada etc.) is produced in local factories in Tuscany and also near Milan, the fashion centre of Italy.

The primary distinction of Italian leather goods is the quality of the leather itself and of the design and workmanship. Leather goods producers in Italy consistently offer very high quality products, in contrast to the often shoddy production and badly-imitated designs seen from other regions of the world.

A very lengthy and high-skilled process is used for tanning and crafting the leather, which actually results in a product which will last for generations!


Besides which, we also supply a real, tangible guarantee:

All of our 'Tuscany Leather' brand pieces include a seal tag and label, a certificate of guarantee and anti-counterfeit hologram. Such is the care taken to preserve genuine, Made in Tuscany products for the worldwide market. 

The quality of Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather is the result of a long-lasting expertise and it’s closely connected to the lifestyle and culture of its production area. This deserves to be protected and recognised in a world flooded with cheap imitations.

The seal tag can be found attached to each product, and its label contains the certificate of guarantee attesting a 24 months warranty offered by the manufacturer. The seal tag and the hologram adds real value to your product. The hologram is attached to the front side of the tag label. It's a re-assurance that your Tuscany leather bag is truly handmade in Tuscany. 




Premium Leather, Tanned in Tuscany

The Tuscan district of Santa Croce sull´Arno is the place where our creations come to life, step by step from the selection of materials up to the last details. 

Tanning began here in the mid-19 C, and today 35% of Italian leather production and 98% of Italian leather soles are produced here

Speciality production by small and therefore flexible firms is central to the success of the leatherware industry in exactly the same way as it is to the Italian steel industry where the ability to do small runs to unusual specifications has saved the entire sector. This in turn is related historically to the artisan tradition of Tuscany and elsewhere in Italy.

The whole process happens with respect of the natural environment, thanks to the vegetable tanning process, the key to our manufacturing philosophy.

Vegetable tanning uses in fact natural substances, the tannins, which give to the leather unique qualities such as warm colours and a beautiful, varying shine to the surface of the finished product. Learn more about this process on our environmental care page.

This ancient art is also open to the future, to ensure the survival of this lifestyle, which harmonizes with the territory and its expression of the great value we want to represent by manufacturing an excellent product.