About our Company


Since 2009, we have been working in the retail sector with high-end leather goods. It became apparent to us that these bags have a loyal following and deserved their own platform, that would concentrate 100% on this one line of 'Made in Tuscany' products. So our new store, Made in Tuscany, was born. The store is dedicated to our own grandparents, who used their hands and the traditions of their line to create long-lasting products; from our school shoes to fine linen.
We are Made in Tuscany, a small but motivated family-run company specialising in leather goods. We believe passionately in superior quality, at a sensible price combined with excellent service to go with your purchase. With Italian roots, we're keen to support the long-standing manufacturing which has made this region renowned for quality.


We specialise only in products made in Tuscany:
"We aim to do one thing. And do it really well!"


We have been running companies in e-commerce for over 10 years, but this is the first time we have specialised in a specific product set, simply because we have a real passion for the region and its products,



Our mission is to add value and beauty to your life by providing our customers with stand-out products to replace mundane, daily-use items with beautiful alternative choices which tell a story, and support traditional industry.



Our beautiful products are made to last, and you deserve the right service and support to go along with your purchase for as long as you have it. We're always here to discuss your product and provide support. 


Why buy from us? 



Exceptional quality. Ethical, local factories. 
Radical Transparency


You want to buy a unique and desirable product without the hassle of importing or the problem of returns if there is a problem. We provide a streamlined shipping service to enable our Tuscan creations to reach you next day in many cases, and UK-based support, and returns. As a small, family company, your custom is invaluable to us and you can therefore expect our utmost attention and service. 


Local Business
We support local artisans in their trade and export these beautiful collections to be known and loved by people throughout the world. In doing so, we keep alive these manufacturing traditions, as well as a respect for the environment with which these producers have worked in harmony for so many years. 
About Tuscany
Tuscany is well known for its wine, olive oil, and fresh local produce. It’s also renowned globally for leather goods, lace and terracotta. We specialise in artisanal crafts and antiques and give you the ability to purchase these items as if you were in a Tuscan marketplace. Local producers and quaint traditional shops found in smaller villages are where we seek out lovely hand-crafted products, fabulously unique and lovingly created.

Many of the top Italian design houses have a presence in Tuscany, including Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. While Tuscany’s cities – Siena, Arezzo, Florence and Pisa contain gems of local design.