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Care & Repair Service

"Our aim is to make bags which last a lifetime. We're against the throw-away culture, and we believe in beautiful products which you will cherish, and which themselves hold good memories."

With this in mind, from October 2019 we have launched our Care & Repair Service. 

Of course if your bag is within warranty and develops a fault as a result of a manufacturing defect, we will take care of this for you. 

If something happens to the bag such as an accident, or if the bag is outside of its warranty, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to have the bag repaired and brought back to life. 

 How do I get a repair?
Simply email us, and confirm your name, and if possible your order number. We'll liaise from there. 
 How much does it cost? 
Nothing if your product is within warranty and meets the terms of warranty cover.
We will confirm costs prior to arranging anything. We ask customers to cover shipping costs to and from the workshop. The usual cost for a repair is between £15-25. We try to re-use existing materials and keep costs for customers to an absolute minimum.