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Great service as well as great products

We exist to bring a bit of Tuscany into your everyday life; replacing mundane items such as briefcases with a hand-crafted masterpiece with a soul; or an everyday handbag for one born and bred in Florence, the home of true and authentic class and style. 

While our bags are going to make you smile, our service lives up to this, too. Our aim is to be personable and friendly and to make you one of the family. You're always sure of a warm welcome, and it would be a pleasure to assist you after your order, too. 

If you have any problem whatsoever with any aspect of the service or your product, please email 

We hope to add video testimonials here very shortly. Please email if you're interested in taking part. 

"Today I was overjoyed to receive my premium quality messenger bag in dark blue . The exceptional hand made quality is indescribable much superior to similar bags I've owned which lacked quality zips and buckles.
My bag is as described with meticulous attention to detail. Which makes me the proud owner of a "Made in Tuscany leather bag .Its unique design and stitching is noticeable in comparison with similar hand made bags from Europe Delivery was on time. Well secured and packaged .The most exquisite soft leather bag I've ever owned."

Dr. Arthur Cassidy
TV Social Media & Celebrity Psychologist

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