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Tuscans Rubia Leather Care

Tuscans Rubia Leather Care
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Tuscans Rubia Leather Care; per la pulizia e lucentezza della borsa. The best leather care for cleaning and polishing your Tuscans leather bag.


Created specifically by the experts at Tuscans. This leather care acts effectively and delicately on your Tuscans leather bag. This special product enables the leather to regain its original tonality and finish without modifying its main characteristics. 


Moisten a soft cloth and rub the skin in a circular motion keeping a large portion of the cloth in contact with the surface, and apply gentle pressure, 


Repeat if there are stubborn stains. 


Wait until the leather is dry, and then rub the leather gently with a woollen cloth. 


Please repeat the treatment every three months, or if attention is needed sooner. 

All of our bags are handmade in Florence, Tuscany.

We deliver pure-origin bags to beat big brand labels on quality and value. 

Good to know: As part of our committment to longevity, and traditional craftsmanship, we offer a repair service on all our bags, should you need it.

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